"With great power, comes great responsibility"


What Problem is Tribu trying to solve?

A lot of people struggle with mental exhaustion due to multiple factors and it's hard to understand exactly why you feel tired or uncomfortable with yourself and people around you.  You're just not happy in general. 

Even harder there's nothing that tells you exactly what you can do to improve and start feeling better. 

These situations reflect also to Teams at Work. You spend a lot of hours a day at Work, hence a lot of what happens at work affects your life. Is it the personallity of co-workers? Is it the way we work? It's always hard to know.

It should be very clear what to improve next to focus exactly on that.

People Oriented companies are proven to have the best Performance and satisfaction. We want to make it easy to reach that point. 

There are multiple factors that can affect your overall wellbeing and performance as individual or in Teams. Tribu is trying to provide a path for improvemnt starting with an easy diagnose to facilitate finding out action items for improvement for individuals and teams with Pulses (questions) and Recommendations for improvement. 

What is Tribu?

Tribu is a slack app (for now) that will help you diagnose 5 science based dimensions that will improve your Work and Life with what we call the Better together Framework

Which means: "If me as an individual want to improve my surroundings, my surroundings will become better and we must work as a team to improve the quality of our lives"

How does Tribu work?

Tribu uses "Pulses" to gather information so we can tell you exactly what are your strongest and weaker areas to provide a path of action for improvement. 

Pulses are part of "Radars". Radars are an easy way of undersanding your overall wellness structured in 5 specific dimensions that cover all of the possible issues you could have. (or at least most of them)  

What happens with the information?

Tribu has put together a set of scientific questions to find out quickly areas of improvement for teams and individuals. 

These are "non intrusive" questions and are designed to provide transparent data, wich means, there's no information stored that can affect people in negative ways.  Tribu focuses on objective useful data to take action quickly such as "The way you work"(Smart work), "How comfortable feel with your team" (Mind Safety) and more. 

Tribu generates information that we recommend that is valuable to share with people surrounding you so they can understand yourself better and can help you improve. 

"Sharing is caring" and the first step for a healthy relationship, either personal or at work, is "Psychological Safety" which means to be open to talk about how you feel with others to find improvement and erradicate anonym toxicity.

Are my answers anonym?

Tribu mindset doesn't support anonymity for these specific radars since anonymity wont generate an environment of Trust and Full Performance. 

Tribu is designed to make it easy and fun to understand how you feel and how your team feels so you all can improve together. 

We like to hear opinions. If you find out a way that this information could harm anyone instead of helping them, we would appreciate if you could contact us to make the appropriate changes to make users as comfortable as possible. hello@tribu.management 

Can I track specific teams for me or my team? 


Tribu provides two options: 

Can I track performance?


First things first. What do you exactly mean by "performance". 

Performance varies depending on multiple situations, that's why we have an open option for any team or individual defin their own Performance metric and add that information to the Wellness radars to correlate information. 

The performance variable should be measurable and it has to be very specific. 

In toxic culture or environments, performance can be used in a negative way.  Tribu doesn't support that.
If you find out a negative situation around these topics please get in touch ASAP so we can block that usage.

Can I track quality?

This answer is the same as Performance above. 

Tribu definitely will help you improve Quality and Performance in Teams but you have to be open to make it in a People Oriented way. First come the individuals and when they are feeling great, their results will be the best. Ergo, Quality and Performance improves. 

This topic can be very wide so feel free to get in touch for deeper conversations around this. 

What's the best way of using Tribu?

What are some Tribu mindsets? 

Tribu Slack App Permissions

We follow the Least Privilege Principle, which means, we only reference the data we require for functionality.  All the data is provided by Slack API for identification. Such as users ids and channel names for Teams functionality. The rest of the data is generated by Tribu according to pulses responses to provide a score in 5 areas: Psych Safety, Burnout, Goals, Work Processes and Tools and Work-Life Balance. 

All of this information is vague enough that it won't harm any team or user. On the contrary, sharing the generated data will generate feedback faster to improve faster. Maturity is needed for the level of transparncy required to seek continuos improvement.

For details you could visit the Permissions page in the slack app.